Yokosuka City
August 06, 2021
PHOTO | Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

Panoramatiks was in charge of creating and supervising the renewal plan for the “Peace Monument” renewal project at Yokosuka Central Park located in Yokosuka City.
The park was established in 1970 as a “park for peace,” and is loved by people in and outside the region for its excellent view of Tokyo Bay and Sarushima Island. The park’s history was researched for the renewal, and it was found that the park was built on the site of the Yonegahama gun battery site used during the war. The theme of the renewal is “Axis of Peace,” and the “circle,” which has long meant “infinity and eternity,” is used extensively. Furthermore, “circles” drawn by Yokosuka citizens were also engraved on the ceiling and columns to create a monument that represents the wishes of many people for peace.

– THE ONE SHOW:Merit Award
– Novum Design Award (France) : Silver Novum Design Award, Architectural Design Category
– Architecture MasterPrize (USA) :Honorable Mention (Installations & structures)
– Architizer A+Awards:Special Mention
– the 101st ADC Annual Awards, SPATIAL DESIGN:  GOLD CUBE


Designer : Takumi Takahashi
Producer : Hiroki Takahashi / Shuntaro Kono
Construction Manager : Yoshihiro Watanabe

PHOTO:Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai
MOVIE:Ponsuke Kojima