Media Ambition Tokyo 2016 SPACE EXPERIMENT

Rhizomatiks Architecture
February 01, 2016
Rhizomatiks Architecture created a series of installations that explore the possibilities posed by technology vis-à-vis space. Corporeal architecture has often been advocated over the years, yet we feel that it’s now necessary to once more study the possibilities of corporeal architecture utilizing contemporary technology. The time has come for Rhizomatiks Architecture to explore mediums of spatial expression that have only now become possible. We drew on the three themes, View/Visual/Sound, as guides to explore the relationships between space and the body, as well as space and media.

Space Experiment []#001, 002, 003
Created by Rhizomatiks Architecture
Idea / Space Design /Creative Director : Seiichi Sato (Rhizomatiks)
Architect : Tatsuya Motoki (Rhizomatiks), Takahito Hosono (Rhizomatiks)
Device : Youichi Sakamoto, Hideaki Tai (Rhizomatiks)

Space Experiment []#002
Supported by Intel Compute Stick
Art / Technical Director : Jun Fujiwara
Programmer : Yoshimori Yoshikawa

Space Experiment []#003:
Concept / Voice : Miyu Hosoi (Qosmo)
Sound Engineer : Mitsuru Tajika
Sound Director : Taeji Sawai (Qosmo)
Sensor Programmer : Hirofumi Tsukamoto (Rhizomatiks)